• DX: 4/19/2012, DCIS, Right, 1.5cm, ER+/PR+, HER-, 38 years old.
  • Surgery: Lumpectomy (Lymph node negative)
  • Oncotype: 19
  • Chemotherapy: CMF
  • Radiation
  • Tamoxifen – taken for 2 and 1/2 years, came off to try to make a baby
  • OBGYN ordered breast MRI prior to proceeding with IVF
  • MRI was positive for breast cancer recurrence in Right breast
  • DX: 6/3/2015 DCIS, Right, 1.3cm, ER+/PR+, HER-, 41 years old.
  • Surgery: 7/2/2015 Double Mastectomy, with reconstruction, which got infected and never properly healed, Right breast implant was removed on  12/30/2015.

A feeling deep within me identifies the start of this story as so banal and somehow so cliche that I have to greet it and allow it to seep through onto this page; and chances are you and I will both recognize it again in my writing as I  continue to grow, evolve, express myself, expose and perhaps eventually exorcise this self deprecating side of me. Until then it will be with me and pop in and out of me and onto these pages; but I have decided to shed that old skin of mine and present my truth, my insights, my growth and all of the the dark corners of my mind around this pivotal experience: at the age of 38 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was a career oriented, driven, single, ordinary person with all of my common problems and similar issues as everyone else. In other words, I was no one special…or so I thought. As I write this 5 years later I marvel at this ongoing journey and discovery of myself and at the risk of sounding “boastful” I marvel at the realization that I am in fact a special and priceless individual and that I have so much to share and so much to give back to my community at large. So let’s get going and keep exploring! I am thrilled to be on this path of creation and endless possibilities with you.

The 4 Types of People who Should Read me:

  • Anyone who has undergone a life altering health crisis or who has a loved one facing such difficult times
  • Anyone who loves dogs
  • I’ve always resisted the whole “silver lining” idea – but until I come up with anything better –  anyone who is looking for a “silver lining”
  • Anyone who is looking to make subtle and gradual changes in their life; so that you actually won’t really notice that you are making changes – which is actually very cool in the end… just stick with me.

And…So what? 

  • I want to help women get to a place that allows them to begin feeling whole again…or for the first time ever
  • If you are a man, you can read this too… and perhaps I can help you  help the women in your life

Why spend time with my thoughts and insights?

I will keep it real, boldly honest and uplifting- because there is humor…and there is light on the other side of trauma. Rewrite your story, as I am rewriting mine.