The Proof is in the Pudding: Self Discovery

I remember early on in my relationship with my soon to be husband, the subject of writing and publishing myself came up. I scoffed at the idea and I clearly did not think I was anyone special, or that I had anything new to say that was worthy of being “out there”. I had (and still have) unresolved issues with my concept of “privacy”. At that time I actually deleted my Facebook account – and I am still struggling with the idea of reopening it. Why would anyone want to read me? What do I have to bring to the table? And then the most amazing years of struggle and personal growth happened. So here we are… and I have realized that – life takes turns, sometimes sharp cutting turns, but if I take the time and make the choice to approach it from a certain progressive, open minded, honest and loving perspective, it turns out to be a fun and pretty interesting journey… We are all blank pages waiting to be written.

The take Away:
Humility is beautiful and powerful. Feelings of inadequacy will drain you of your self worth and self love and leave you feeling stuck, in a rut, depressed with nothing to share or give back to the world. Be humble but don’t be a doormat. Overcome inadequacy, you are whole, you are enough, the manifestation of your life is the proof… The Proof is in the Pudding. I am, you are, we are: the pudding!

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